Weaving Odisha into the rest of India wherein blending Odia textiles into weaves and artforms of different regions.

Textured tussar saris woven in Odisha, travel all the way to Rajasthan to a small village of Dabu block printers giving birth to the ‘Gau Dhooli’ sari where a bull motif inspired from the seals of Harappan civilization was converted into a wood block and dabu printed as a herd of bulls returning at dusk after grazing.

‘Tree of Life’, emerging from the horns of Indian deer is inspired by the traditional story telling of Gond paintings, Madhya Pradesh.

Dabu is a block printing technique that uses a mud resist technique and natural dyes.

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  • Hi, I love all your work. Is it possible to get the Dabu sari on display here? Thanks.

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