Woven Shibori

Shibori, considered to be one of the oldest Indigo dyeing techniques, is a Japanese tie-dyeing process that manually produces beautiful patterns in vivid colours on the fabric. The technique depends not only on the desired design but also on the kind of cloth that is being used. Woven-Shibori is Vrikshdesigns’ adaptation of the Japanese dyeing technique to create beautifully designed handwoven tussar silk sarees.   
The sarees are made by using the traditional Jala technique of weaving, combined with the Shibori dyeing technique to create colourful patterns.  The patterns are created by twisting, folding, and stitching fabric, using various daily usable things like rubber bands, strings, clamps, etc. This simple technique creates beautiful and unique designs that are the special features of this tussar silk saree.
Woven Shibori Handwoven Tussar Silk Dupatta - Red & Burgandy
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