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Susan, I had to leave the workshop early so I didn't get a chance to say goodby or thank you and Rod for the terrific job you did. I am assuming that Leilani will get you a copy of the evaluations which were all really great to excellent. I just want to acknowledge both of you for the work you have done to be able to have that conversation with people in the way you do. I fully appreciate what it takes to get outside all your personal concerns and issues to be able to create that kind of safe space and make that kind of difference with people. I have shared you with my friends and have provided your phone and address to my consulting friends who do business consulting. They were very interested as there isn't a resource like that that comes our way very often. Again, thank you for the contribution you made to my organization, and for your courage and stand for altering the conversation about LGBT's.

Karen Sweetland

Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA

Susan is not only passionate about her work and purpose in the world, she has education and experience that empower her to be highly effective in everything that she pursues. We took several courses together during her career at Brite and it was clear that she was well acquainted with many fields including anthropology, sociology, history, queer theologies, and a number of multicultural studies. Together, we served on the Brite Student Association on which Susan always went beyond the rest of us to engage our student body with the social justice issues in the community around us. Susan’s sensitivity to the needs of others is a brilliant compliment to her justice work. I know of this sensitivity because we also served together as hospice volunteers. Susan is always willing to listen to the perspectives of others and open to sharing her experiences with others to uplift and encourage. She is generous, always giving much more than is given to her.

Leah Jordan

MDiv, Brite Divinity School

The messenger is the message, and in this very good book, we find important messages that sadden, excite and affirm us as people who celebrate both our sexuality and our spirituality. Unitarian Universalists should feel very proud of having created a safe harbor for those discarded by others, and also challenged to work harder to make its culture more welcoming and inclusive.

Brian McNaught

Author of Gay Issues in the Workplace

These personal stories will persuade even the most cynical that religion can be a force that is fully accepting and transforming. Indeed, the fulfillment of religion’s true promise is found among those who have courageously spoken here.

Lee Barker

President and Professor of Ministry, Meadville Lombard Theological School