Perfect sari for a museum day! Writer and art curator, Ina Puri & Vriksh founder Gunjan Jain, twinning in Vriksh 'Sagar sari' in JKK, Jaipur, India. 

Writer & art curator Ina Puri chose Vriksh 'Sarong Sari' on the opening day of the India Art Fair 2018 with photographer Dayanita Singh.

'I am honoured to be a part of Vriksh's Yogini show',

Rasika Dugal, actress, as the show stopper in Vriksh 'Badhte Kadam sari' at Lakme Fashion Week 

Vriksh moment with style icon and politician Sonia Gandhi sharing our common admiration for Odisha weaves.

"These designs and fabric are so me. In love with the drape and feel of these magical six yards You have a great eye for these gunjan. Thank u"

Anitha, USA

"What a beauty this is. My most awaited saree of this year..have drooled over @vrikshdesigns sarees for months! One final day decided to splurge on their sarees..."


"There shall be seasons refreshing..💃🌸💕, in my Wedding Saree custom designed by Vriksh and woven by weavers of Orissa"

Shital in Vriksh 'Melati Sari' 

Dressed to kill with her elegance personified. 

Meet the vibrant and jolly, Aparita Bhandari, an arts reporter in Toronto, Canada in Vriksh’s Subarnarekha sari from Tussar Kumbha series.

Laila tyabji, the rockstar of Indian craft Industry, in Vriksh 'Satrang Ikat Sari'

"With every saree there is a story associated"

Eeshita Joneja, India in Vriksh 'Dabu Tree of Life sari'

"These are so my colors!"

Anu Varshney, USA in Vriksh 'Dabu Tree of Life saree'

 "I am wearing the most exquisite creation! I love Vriksh & I want to buy them all ❤️❤️!"

Aparna, USA in Vriksh 'Sarong Saree'

"Whattey perfect beginning to the weekend it was! Finally wearing a @vrikshdesigns beauty that I’ve been chasing down for some time that was totally worth the wait"

Seema, USA

"I wore an arresting Orissa handloom shibori saree from @vrikshdesigns which is so soft on the skin and falls beautifully. I love Gunjan's work wherein I get to have subtle yet alluring six yards."

Prabha Jayaram, Singapore


"Sometimes simple is so potent. So classic, so severe in its lines but one that makes me walk 6 inches taller in its power"

Gauri, India in Vriksh 'Kumbha sari'

"I love wearing Vriksh saris. Very comfortable to wear and very easy to put on. My GO-TO saree for any occasion!"

"Me and my never ending love for Vriksh sarees. The beauty of Vriksh sarees is in its simplicity 😍😍 Vriksh creations deserves all the admiration"

Anindita, Geneva

"India produces rich and exquisite handloom textiles. I love the feel and the vibrant colors of the luxurious silks and cottons on me. When I came across Vriksh designs, I knew I needed to buy one"

"The eternal dilemma of women- What to wear? I don't have anything to wear!! And here is a solution- a reversible Tussar -cotton twill weave from Vriksh in gorgeous shades of green, black and red so you can choose HOW you want to wear your saree" Savita Suri, India


"Very few would dare to wear a saree for a beach party but I did and I was fairly comfortable. Dress code was smart casuals. Now for me saree falls under every category"

Vijayalakshmi Chabbra in Vriksh 'Jhoti sari'

A career marketing professional, Kamala is also a sari aficionado & loves to wear saris anywhere she is in the world spreading her bindaas, hat kar, stylish charm!

'I love Vriksh designer Gunjan's design interventions & interpretations. Her work with Odisha weaves, textures & colours is awesome. I love the drape & fall of every Vriksh sari. I love Vriksh! Always looking forward to more amazing saris from Vriksh'

"It makes me feel proud to wear this exquisite weave from Vriksh, chosen by my Art Conservator daughter. I finally wore it on my wedding Anniversary"

Vijayalaxmi Chabbra in Vriksh 'Gaja Singha sari'


"I am in awe of Gunjan for painstakingly reviving the dying weaves of Odsiha"

Lakshmi, India in Vriksh 'Melati Sari'

"Faourite Odisha tussar christened 'Badal' by Gunjan Jain for the cloud shaped ikat patterns. Delicate & infinitely beautiful"

Gauri, India

"I love the texture of the saree and the deer as a tree of life dabu block print in natural dyes is so alluring"

Prabha jayaram, Singapore

"The best gift I got when I turned 40 this year was a Vriksh saree, I had already spent months admiring them online, the joy of finally owning one was incredible"

Jenny Jose, India in Vriksh 'Gulaab ikat saree"

"Experiencing my first tussar silk saree . Oh man , cant tell you guys how comfortable that was!! Loved the choice of colours in this piece"

Priya Vijay Sarthi, Malaysia in Vriksh 'Kumbha sari'

"Online shopping is as thrilling as offline shopiing. First saree I purchased online is this beautiful dabu printed indigo tussar silk with peacock motifs & Tree of Life body from Vriksh"

Sindhu, Indonesia/India

"A modernistic take on tussar by the immitable @vrikshdesigns with Gunjan's signature mini passapali border, I always find its pared down glamour very appealing"

Gauri, India in Vriksh 'Trikon Ikat tussar saree'

"Saturday well spent in a phoda khumba tussar @vrikshdesigns. Conscious decision of not adding a fall to the Saree so that I can enjoy wearing this reversible no fuss Saree in different ways 💙.

Eeshita Joneja, India

"My pick for the National Handloom Day. I wore yet another Orissa weave - this Vriksh beauty that Gunjan named Shunya"

Anu Varshney in Vriksh 'Shunya Ikat sari'

"In a stunning @vrikshdesigns Tussar for Vijaydashmi celebration with dance friends"

Lalitha Suresh, USA in Vriksh 'Satrang ikat saree'

"3 Heroines had decided to wear Vriksh & had yum time talking and eating! Nothing beats the love & friendship with these heroines"

Lalitha Suresh, USA in Vriksh 'Woven Shibori sari'

"Getting together, we all chose to wear @vrikshdesigns from Gunjan Jain! I LOVED this saree! It is stunning in its simplicity"

"I love the subtle yet dramatic effect this saree creates! Its amongst my favorite vriksh sarees"

Anu Varshney, USA in Vriksh 'Badhte Kadam Saree'

"One more Jhoti saree from #Vriksh. This is the kind of Jhoti work you see on the mud walls in Orissa villages where the rice paste is splashed with five fingers and beautiful motifs are carved out"

Vijayalakshmi Chabbra, India

"A beautiful tussar shibori in Indigo from none other than @vrikshdesigns"

Laitha Suresh, USA

Khyati Chakraborty

"Shubho Bijoya and Happy Dussehra!!! In a quintessential laal paar shaada (red-white) saree from @vrikshdesigns this one was waiting for it’s turn for the last 3 years"

Khyati Chakraborty, USA in Vriksh 'Desi Kumbha Sari'

Savitha Suri

"Vriksh designs creates magic with this subtle Dabu on Tussar. gorgeous piece with fine details of the Tree of Life, deer and birds"

Savita Suri, India in Vriksh 'Dabu Tree of Life saree'

Anu Varshney

"An amazing weave in offbeat colors for a tussar silk. When technology throws lemons at you, you get some butter, flour, and sugar and make some lemon pie!"

Anu Varshney, USA in Vriksh 'Tussar Bomkai sari'