National Textile Day : A closer look at Vriksh and textiles

India, a country with a rich and diverse heritage of textiles. On this day, we celebrate the significance of textiles in our lives and acknowledge the hard work and skill of the artisans who create them. As a brand, deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of India, Vriksh takes great pride in contributing to the celebration of National Textile Day.

At Vriksh, we believe that textiles are more than just clothes – they embody our culture, history, and traditions. Textiles are a part of our daily lives, from the clothes we wear to the fabrics in our homes. They have the power to evoke emotions and create memories that last a lifetime. Our traditional textiles, such as handloom sarees, are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly and sustainable.




On this National Textile Day, we want to take a moment to appreciate the rich history and heritage of Indian textiles. Our artisans use techniques that have been passed down for generations, and their unparalleled skill and dedication to their craft are what make each piece unique. We are proud to support these artisans and their communities, and we strive to create a platform for them to showcase their art to the world. Through our brand, we aim to promote thoughtful fashion choices that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe in the power of textiles to create a better future for the planet and for ourselves. By supporting traditional textile techniques, we are preserving our heritage and contributing to the global movement toward sustainability.

At Vriksh, we encourage everyone to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and significance of textiles in our lives. We hope that this National Textile Day inspires more people to choose slow, sustainable textiles and support the artisans who make these intricate pieces of artistry possible.

Let us all take pride in our textiles and celebrate the rich heritage and culture they represent. Happy National Textile Day from Team Vriksh!