Unraveling the Threads of Orissa's Weaving Tradition: The Story of Vriksh Sarees.

Welcome to Vriksh: A Journey of Handmade, A Celebration of Womanhood! Vriksh is a brand that honors this incredible tradition and gives it a modern twist. Our handmade sarees are created from natural fibers and are crafted with intricate attention to detail. Through these saris, Vriksh celebrates the beauty, power, and history of womanhood and brings the Odisha weaving tradition to a global audience.

Vriksh is a handloom and handicraft saree brand with its early roots in Orissa. We have been able to capture the essence of Orissa's weaving tradition and create sarees that perfectly blend tradition and modernity. The brand has become synonymous with quality and has established itself as one of the leading saree brands in India. Over the years, weaving in Orissa has evolved and has adapted to changing times. The weavers have experimented with different materials and designs, and this has led to the creation of unique sarees that are a reflection of Orissa's rich cultural heritage.



We believe the saree is not just a garment, but a way of life. It is a reflection of the values and traditions that are deeply rooted in Indian culture. It is a garment that requires skill, patience, and dedication to wear and drape properly. Women in India take great pride in the art of draping a saree, and it is often seen as a rite of passage for young women. Vriksh has been able to capture this rich cultural heritage and create sarees that are a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Orissa's weavers. Through its commitment to sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility, Vriksh is not just a brand that creates beautiful sarees, but also one that promotes a positive impact on society and the environment. The brand's focus on preserving traditional weaving techniques and empowering local communities is a reflection of its commitment to preserving the beauty and richness of India's cultural heritage for generations to come.

Vriksh sarees are not just garments, they are stories woven into threads. In today's world, where fast fashion dominates and traditional crafts are at risk of being forgotten, we at Vriksh are trying to be a beacon of hope. Women who choose Vriksh sarees are not just buying a beautiful piece of clothing; they also become part of reciting story of wonderous crafts of Orissa to the world.