Timeless beauty of Sarees


As a design studio, Vriksh has always been fascinated by the saree - a garment that has been an intrinsic part of Indian culture and tradition for centuries. The saree is not just a piece of cloth draped around a woman's body; it represents the identity, personality, and individuality of the wearer. At Vriksh, we have always believed that a saree is much more than a garment, it is a cultural symbol that is deeply rooted in Indian heritage. The saree is a versatile garment that has evolved over time, with different styles and draping techniques being developed in different parts of India. It is a unifying feature despite the variations in its wearing style in different parts of India. The saree is the only garment in India that still retains the value of an heirloom that will never die. Saree have stood the test of time and continue to be a symbol of elegance, grace, and beauty. At Vriksh, we believe that a saree does not judge a woman by her body type. It is a garment that can be draped in different ways to suit the wearer's individual style and personality. Sarees have been worn by women of all shapes and sizes for centuries, and it is a testament to the garment's versatility and timelessness.


We constantly strive to break the notion that a saree is a restrictive garment. After all, for centuries we have witnessed women performing all sorts of activities in a saree - mothering her child, plowing in the field, or practicing various dance forms. It is as much traditional as it is fashionable. A woman can make a personal statement by the way she drapes it or tucks it or pins it. How a saree is worn should be a sign of women asserting their individuality and not conforming to restrictive traditions.

At Vriksh, we celebrate the versatility of the saree, which can be worn in a multitude of ways. We create designs that are sensuous, and comfortable, and reflect the unique culture and heritage of Odisha. By doing so, we hope to inspire women to embrace the saree as a fashion statement and a symbol of their individuality.

Through our commitment to sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility, we are not just a brand that creates beautiful sarees, but also one that promotes a positive impact on society and the environment. Our focus is on preserving traditional weaving techniques and empowering local communities is a reflection of its commitment to preserving the beauty and richness of India's cultural heritage for generations to come.