Sanctity of Words on Cloth

Gunjan Jain, founder of Vriksh Designs, a design studio working with weavers in Odisha, continues the traditions of single-ikat and extra-weft weaves, and uses the expression of woven words and natural dyeing of yarns to create beautiful saris, drapes and stoles in silk, linen and cotton. She has also designed and collaborated with weavers to co-create beautiful hand-woven textiles bearing Odia words and verses in Odia script, rendered by resist-dyeing of weft yarns.  In this way, as designers research the tradition of words on cloth, and as artisans create beautiful textiles bearing words, an ancient
tradition endures and evolves.

sanctity of words on cloth - Vrikshdesigns

sanctity of words on cloth - Vrikshdesigns

 This article has been published in the latest issue of The Quilter, the magazine of The Quilters' Guild, The UK


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