Infusing Life Into Dying Odisha Weaves

By Sambad English 

The stories behind textile is what excited her as a child, prompting her to delve deeper to understand the finer nuances, discovering and reviving intricate works lost in the mists of time. This journey took Delhi-born designer Gunjan Jain to the interior villages of Odisha, exploring textile, motifs and patterns intrinsic to the state while creating contemporary designs for the world market. For the past 10 years, she has been working with handloom weavers and artists of the state reinterpreting traditional Tussar Jala work, intricate Ikat weaves, Bomkai, Kotpad, Siminoi, Habaspuri and Dhalapathar while adding a fresh perspective to each piece at her design studio Vriksh in Odisha capital set up in 2008. Read More at Gunjan Jain Infuses Life Into Dying Odisha Weaves - Sambad.


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