Talking Ikat with Indian Designer Gunjan Jain

By Verve India 

Easy and effortless, Gunjan Jain’s creations might look too simplistic at first glance but when inspected in detail, they bear the stamp of her painstaking efforts to revive the dying ikat weaves of Odisha. Witnessing her interaction with an award-winning master weaver from Neopatna in Odisha is testimony to her understanding of the passion that these unsung heroes infuse into their art. Extensively working with the single and double ikats of Odisha in the districts of Cuttack, Sambalpur and Bargarh in Odisha, Jain has imbued a thread of luxury and elegance into the traditional weave. Read More at Talking Ikat with India's Gunjan Jain - Verve.


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